Discover how Superhuman Search™ can make your visual searches easy

Superhuman Search™ by Mobius Labs is a no-code, no-tag SDK for visual searches that is changing the way that the world finds its visuals.

The Latest on Computer Vision Innovation for 2021

We are excited to share all the new features of computer vision technology that the Mobius Labs team is working on. Here’s a sneak peak!

A New Generation of Computer Vision Is Here: Meet Superhuman Vision™ 🤖

The next generation AI powered computer vision from Mobius Labs is transforming the technology so radically that we’re giving it a new name. It’s no longer just computer vision, it’s Superhuman Vision.

Helping you become a computer vision expert one term at a time!📖 🤖

Computer vision started as an MIT undergrad summer project in 1966 that was supposed to be done and dusted in that one summer. Although this did not pan out as planned, the technology has grown rapidly since then, and now finds its application in several industries.   .wrapnew { width:100%; max-width:

Why Is Everyone Talking About Computer Vision?

Recently, there has been a huge buzz about computer vision and its applications. Read our blog to know more about this innovative and ever-evolving piece of technology.
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